Member agreement

7. How do I collect Points with Programme Partners?

Members can collect Points:

provided that the activity or transaction meets three basic conditions. It must be:

  • tracked – the Partner must be able to connect (track) the activity or transaction to you as a Member;
  • genuine – the activity or transaction must be genuine and not, say, fraudulent. It must also be for you and not for someone else;
  • successful – the activity or transaction must be successful – so, for example, the activity or transaction must not be declined or cancelled (even where there is a right of cancellation). The activity or transaction may be unsuccessful if, for example, the goods purchased are returned.

If your activity or transaction meets these conditions, we treat it as a "qualifying transaction" and any Points collected are allocated to your Account. In some instances, your Points will be classified as 'pending' on your Account while we check that the conditions mentioned above have been satisfied. Once this has happened, then your Points will be available for use, and will appear as “paid” on your Account. You will be able to check when your Points are likely to be available for you to use by viewing your online Account statement. 

Some other exclusions may apply which mean that a transaction may not be treated as a "qualifying transaction" and may not, therefore, entitle you to collect Points:  Please view our FAQ's which provide further information.